Premium Routing Add-on

This add on gives you access to the power of PC*Miler. We have integrated PC*Miler directly in to GetLoaded Ops. This gives you gives you complete mileage calculations, maps, driving directions, street level routing, and the ability to email them to a driver.

Premium Routing Sm Directions

Get Directions

Driving directions to the shipper and then to the consignee.
Premium Routing Sm Map

Draw a Map

Map of the complete trip.
Premium Routing Sm Email

Email It

Email the map with directions of the trip.

These three features will dramatically enhance your TruckingOffice experience.  Now when you are planning your loads you will be able to send the driver everything he needs right to his phone via email.

In addition to that you will have everything you need for IFTA.  If you ever have an IFTA audit you will need to be able to show all roads traveled on each trip.  With the new driving directions feature you will meet the IFTA requirements.

Premium miles saves time by making it easier to dispatch your trucks and keeps you in compliance with IFTA for a very reasonable price. Just add it to your subscription in your profile section.


  • Gives you mileage totals for the route
  • Gives you state by state mileage numbers
  • Maintains all record keeping for IFTA
  • Send your drivers turn by turn directions
  • All miles calculated by PC*Miler


  • Increase productivity for your drivers
  • Easily pull records for all of your dispatches
  • Maintain DOT compliance and avoid audits

Premium routing can be added to your subscription from your profile. Free trial customers are able to use this feature for no cost during the trial period.